Saturday, April 3, 2010

This is it...

You don't even care what I have to say here. You will all just push right past me to get to the last chapter. Yup, it's up.   And it's over, sort of...  Please let me know what you think. I'll be waiting...


  1. Gah! And I have to wait until I'm done putting my son to bed. Be back in a while!

  2. First to have read! Ha!

    This was so lovely. Although, I do wish I could read what was in the letter! Outtake, maybe?

    I've gotta say, I damaged my throat and stomach (long story) and have been unable to eat practically anything for two days. So I'm sitting here without enough strength to really do anything while I wait to heal yet bored out of my mind... This finally brought a smile to my face.

  3. So glad to bring a smile to your face. I actually tried to write the letter. I originally was gonna have her open it, but I just couldn't make it wonderful enough. So, having the rain erase it was my answer. Cruel, huh??

  4. Off to read in a moment. But before I do, I just wanted to say before you go to bed and about 3 hours too early - He is Risen!

  5. Oh, that was glorious! I have nothing constructive to say at the moment. I must bask. I'll be back with better comments later.

  6. Back. I'm melting - in the good non-wizard of oz kind of way. Well done!

  7. Beautiful. THIS is exactly how I like my "Darcy & Elizabeth". Four sons and a daughter......happily ever after. Thanks for sharing and count me as a permanent fan:)

  8. oops.....four children total (three sons, one daughter)

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  10. Lovely! I loved how you managed to deal with the now renowned letter. The letter, with its contents unknown, that seemed to cause Elizabeth a great deal of anguish and a bit of torment to your readers, all dissolving away. Although I must admit, I was all curiousity myself as to what was in that letter, but I think it brilliant that you have decided to leave its contents to our imagination. Indeed, you must have faith in us to think that we can handle this (LOL).

  11. I wondered how your ending could do justice to the beautiful story that you had written. It does -- and gloriously, too! There is no way to choose a favorite quote from this post -- it's just one lovely expression after the other, building to an emotionally moving and very gratifying conclusion. As much as I wanted to read the note, at the end, it didn't matter -- it contained all of Darcy's love for her and she had carried it with her for months. His love was always with her. He was always close to her. This is one of the most beautifully-phrased, originally crafted P&P "what-ifs" I have ever read. It is true to the original in every way. Jane Austen would have nothing to forgive in your story. I can only say "Thanks" for a very entertaining interlude. It was a pleasure to read your posts.

  12. Awww, thanks Gayle. Thanks so much to everyone for coming here to my blog and cheering me on. Please come back for more posts--I'm adding to the existing story and I want everyone's input, plus I will miss you if you all disappear!

  13. Amy

    This was great--lovely passionate ending. You are a marvelous writer!

    There is a problem with your geography, however. In Mr. B's letter he refers to Lydia being found in Hampshire, north of London, whereas Hampshire is SOUTHWEST of London. (Newcastle is in the northeast of England (Northumberland) so Lydia should have no reason to be in Hampshire).
    From Hertfordshire, Lydia might have traveled south to London to get a more direct post route north from London. Or with a bit of research she could have taken the post north and then east. Huntingtonshire sounds like a more likely place for her to have been found. (Or Lincolnshire or York, further north)

    In this map
    MDX is Middlesex (essentially London)
    HRT is Hertforshire
    NBL is Northumberland

    Thanks for posting!
    Margaret (marliz)

  14. Margaret,

    Thanks for the heads up on the geography. For my research, I used an old map that was on the Regency Encyclopedia website. Maybe I read it wrong--it had water stains and was not easy to read. I've already changed it to Huntingtonshire.

    Thanks also for the kind words...

  15. Wow wow wow wow! Great job!!!!! I must say that the last scene in the rain is one of my favorite JAFF scenes so far (and I have read a ton!!!) I disagree with some of the readers above in that I really love that we don't read the letter. We don't need it anymore. You did do a wonderful job weaving it throughout and keeping us "needy" right til the end. Bravo. Plus this is my kind of Darcy :). Swoon. I have so enjoyed this and just say "Thank you". Elyse

  16. Hi Elyse,

    So glad you liked the last rain scene. I wrote most of it--starting with her at the piano and then running out of Netherfield about a month ago, and had that in my head from when Lady Cat kicked her out of Hunsford on. Everything was building up to it. I remember writing it and my heart was just pounding and pounding!

    Thanks for coming here and encouraging me.


  17. I am in postpartum depression right now... forgive me. (sniffle)

    I am so proud of you Amy!!!
    What an excellent piece of work. My heart was thumping like a Jack rabbit.

    Right now I am packing up my things to go to a warmer climate... girls trip. FUN, FUN, FUN!!!Maybe I will email myself all the chapters so I can take Mr. Darcy with also? Hmmmm. (Thinking that is one of my better ideas)

    Anyway... I will be back. And...after I get my next art show out of the way... I am thinking of a new series of works inspired by Austen. Maybe you can help me... (I have been thinking long and hard on how to tie us together in a post)wont that be fun!? I think I would like to do some Character cameos.... but I need to bring in objects that each character would have that would immediately make them recognizable. You know what I mean? And you being the expert, who better to ask!

    Time to brainstorm.

    And don't worry,
    I will have a margarita for you.

  18. Carrie,

    Have a wonderful time in Mexico! I would love to help you brainstorm when you get back. I already have an idea. Email me when you get back! XXOO