Sunday, April 11, 2010

Changes to Chapter 6

I finished my tweaking to Chapter 6, and have re-posted it.  I originally told you it was Chapter 5, but I was wrong.  It's a very hefty chapter now--I might be able to split it into two later.  I addressed Richard's feelings in this and it made me have an even bigger crush on the man.  We even have a dinner that includes Caroline.  I couldn't be done with her quite yet.

Now I will be working on a new chapter between 11 and 12, where we will follow Darcy while Lizzy is at Pemberley.  I already mentioned that he gets a scene with Mademoiselle Adele.  I hope it works.

I have only 7,000 more words to go, and then I can start the formidable process of looking for publishers.  My knees are already knocking.

Thank you for your input with the prologue.  Please let me know what you think about the new Chapter 6.  Enjoy!!


  1. Who could resist a Caroline Bingley/dragon comparison? I enjoyed it almost as much as the suggestion of her cooking plump children! I laughed out loud when the colonel asked if anyone smelled smoke.
    Also read the prologue - I think it sets up the 1st chapter really well.

  2. Thanks, Christine! I think Richard is hilarious.

  3. You have certainly brought Caroline to life, scales and all. And I'm almost prefering Richard to Darcy!
    For your final 7000 words, please consider writing something about what happens during the period between the proposal and their wedding. I know you don't like writing mush (although you are fantastic at it). You may recall that there were two endings to the 2005 movie - the US version being more "romantic" than the UK one. The director said American viewers apparently prefer "sugar with their champagne". Well, I'm English and while the US ending made me cringe a bit, I can't help feeling that having followed your Lizzy and Darcy through such an emotional roller coaster, I could have done with a little more happy, lovey-dovey, conversation as they plan their future together. Just a thought!