Monday, March 1, 2010

Warning--Angst Ahead!

Hello friends,

Sorry I could not manage to get Chapter 6 up a day earlier.  I inadvertently added two new scenes, and had to obsess over them completely before I unleashed them on you.

I would like to publish each chapter individually, but this site only lets me publish 10 pages.  So, my advice would be to scroll down to the end and then up from there.

I should warn you that you are in for a bumpy ride in Chapter 6.  It is high time a villain came and twisted his mustache, don't you think??  :0)

Don't panic.  No one dies.  Just some emotional trauma.

I hope that you enjoy it.  Let me know what you think.


  1. LOL! I didn't think of a duel! "Hallo, My name eez Fitzwilliam Darcy. You keesed my Lizzy. Prepare to die!"

  2. I loved chapter six. Once again, you left us crying for more!

    I think my favorite scene is when Lizzy is saying her goodbyes to the Darcy's in London, looking into Mr. Darcy's eye's, without words, challenging him to "Prove yourself, Sir." I love it. I can hardly wait for him to do just that.


  3. G-ma Laurie,

    I KNEW I should have capitalized "Sir"! :0) That line was actually thrown in at the last moment. It just hit me. It seemed right.

    I'm so glad you liked it. I have been a little nervous about putting Lizzy in that situation, but haven't upset anyone so far, at least anyone who's voiced it...

  4. Now I know why I like this story - any person who knows Princess Bride well enough to throw in a line like that has my stamp of approval. Now the challenge is to figure out how to parphase the BEST line from that classic - "I do not envy you the headache you will have when you awake. But for now, rest well and dream of large women."

    And BTW, The added line about Lydia was very good. Props to me for inspiring it!

  5. I meant not a challenge to you, just a general challenge to all Princess Bride devotees. Myself included.

  6. Gotta love Princess Bride...

    Thanks LE!

  7. Ok, now I have to watch Princess Bride...again. It's a good thing I'm home sick today.

  8. FAB - U - LOUS!!! I can't wait for the next!!

    Mom.. so sorry you are sick. xo