Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I'm waay ahead of you...

We've got a nasty flu going through our house, and since I'm feeling a little strange myself, I thought I'd get this up while I can. This is my favorite chapter since Mademoiselle Adele was introduced. Lots of fun and an absolute heart pounding last scene. Yay me!

Let me know what you think...

Oh! Thanks for all of your ideas on stretching out my book. I'm actually glad, because you can stick around after I've posted my last chapters on the JAFF sites, to see what else I'm adding and give me feedback. I really appreciate everything! :0)


  1. OMG I love you. Going to read now.

  2. Lovely! Absolutely lovely! I very much like the Colonel's soldier analogy, and his willingness to shuck social niceties and get down to the heart of the problem.

    I also liked the symbolism of melding her separate assaults from Lady C and Wickham in her dream, if for no other reason than it brings the message home that what was done to Elizabeth by Lady C WAS an assault, and also helps Elizabeth to view Lady C not as some grand, noble lady, but as a thug, just as she has already accepted Wickham to be.

    BUT!!! You CRUEL HEARTLESS UNFEELING woman! SHE STILL HASN'T READ THE LETTER!! Argh!!!! Your readers are aching for the "sound" of Darcy's voice, even if it's just the tone conveyed in the writing of his letter.

  3. Boy, Elizabeth is being obstinate. She's not reading the letter because she knows that if she did, she would relent, right? Boy, talk about what convoluted lengths she will go to to protect Darcy from himself. Brava! I've done the same sort of thing myself in a story. Makes you want to reach into your laptop and shake the silly chit!

    Hope you escape whatever bug is lurking. If not, please keep it over there. I can't afford to get sick.

  4. That was a great chapter. Keep 'em coming. Hope you are feeling better. Elyse

  5. YAY!!!! I *HEART* Richard. Absolutely lovable character.... I could see a story for him. I find myself cheering for him and yet feeling sad that he is in a hopeless situation when it comes to love. I want so badly to see him happy. Can he find his equal under his circumstances? Idea for a book maybe???!!!

    I can't wait!!! I stayed up wayyyyyyy tooooo late to read last night. And it was worth it. Thanks sweetie.

  6. Carrie,
    I have a little crush on Richard too! He's a big flirt, but has a good heart, as he has proved. How great was he too keep the Hide-and-Go-Seek secret, at least for a while? I keep of trying to think of someone for him, but haven't found anyone worthy of him yet. He needs someone a lot like Lizzy, but really rich.

  7. Wonderful chapter, so utterly sweet and playful. Makes me want a Colonel of my own to speak good sense when I need to hear it. Hopefully, Lizzy was listening. Her dreams are changing. Is a new resolution in the making? I think Darcy should decide to come home early and push the issue with Lizzy on his home turf. Nothing like the Master of Pemberley persona to convince a girl that he can order the universe the way he wishes -- and that includes excluding the Lady Catherine's of the world. Besides, if you're happy at Pemberley, where else do you need to go?

  8. You've done it again. I was hanging on every word. Just wonderful, I can hardly wait for the next chapter.

  9. Lovely chapter!!! Colonel to the rescue :) I loved his conversation with Elizabeth and I really loved how you described the interaction between Lizzie and Georgiana. Their relationship doesn't seem contrived at all. It's genuine friendship and it shows through your words.
    Just what little thing: "Sont" is the right verb ("être" = to be) but not with the right pronoun.
    Ils sont(they are)
    Vous ÊTES (you are).. So, Georgiana should be saying ¨ÊTES-vous ici?"

    Can't wait for the big reunion!!!!!! and the content of a certain letter. :)


  10. sorry for the typo on the earlier post : Just ONE little thing*** :P

  11. Mariam, Thanks for the French lesson--I will edit it right now. Can't always trust the internet for correct French...

  12. Did you end up with the flu?

  13. No flu--just PMS. I don't know which one is worse. :0) Thanks for asking.

    Hey, I'm going to post twice this coming week, so look for Chapter 13 on Thursday and the final chapter next Sunday--sniff...

    I have been beefing up previous chapters and will let you know when I re-post those. I'm up to a whopping 76,000 words. Only 14,000 more to go!

    I added whole Jane and Bingley in Bath scene with his sudden "business" that called him away. I'm about to write a few scenes of Darcy trying to deal with the whole separation from Lizzy issue without making him seem sappy and whipped--easier said than done. I'm also thinking of writing out a Wickham and Lydia scene or two...

    I've also done a prologue, and still need to finish my epilogue, but what I really need to do is just come up with a unique chapter or two that will fit in seamlessly. I'm still toying with the idea of adding to Lizzy's 1st trip to London. The problem is that I can't have her spend too much time with Darcy, since it would be stupid of him not to explain his behavior toward Georgie--which he is not able to do until Hunsford.

    Thank you, thank you all for making this blog so much fun for me. Hope you all have a great week.

  14. hmmm maybe if you want to add scenes in London, you could add something about Lizzy/the Colonel... Obviously, no romance or anything but something about how the Colonel finally realized that Darcy was in love with the same Elizabeth he met. Or write the conversation Darcy and Fitz had that made Darcy realize that Fitz had met Elizabeth... Or the colonel's POV when he saw Darcy and Elizabeth's interaction in the bal or the Gardiner dinner.
    At first, when you introduced the Colonel, there was a hint of a love triangle, but nothing happened obviously. It all ended before it really began. Was the Colonel really just flirting knowing from the start that Elizabeth wasn't a rich heiress, or would her lack of money have been less of an an obstacle than her previous acquaitance with Darcy and the fact that his cousine clearly loved her? Most of it was "behind the screen" but maybe if you need more words, you could developp the whole triangle or lack of it :)
    It was just my two cents, so feel free to completely disagree with me :D

  15. Mariam, I really like the idea of being a fly on the wall during the conversation where Darcy finds out that the Colonel has been dancing with Elizabeth. Maybe I should play out that triangle a little more. Thanks for that, I will put my brain in gear and see what I can come up with...