Monday, May 3, 2010

Something beefy for you to read

You all are wonderful!! I thought for sure that this place would be chirping crickets and not more after I posted my last chapters. I'm very touched and humbled, so, to reward you (I hope) for still visiting my blog and commenting, I'm going to post some of my scripts for you to read. I have three romantic comedies and my original one-hour TV "dramedy", which did really well in a script writing competition last year.

Scripts read very differently from novels, but I'm sure you'll catch on. I'm gonna unleash my TV pilot on you first, Home of the Braves. It's done in the same vein as "Gilmore Girls" and "Ed" with lots of wit, humor, eccentric characters, and it takes place in a small town. It's been buried for a while and deserves a little sunlight. It holds a very special place in my heart.

I'll provide the link here, (pasting and formatting it onto my pages would take at least an hour and a half), and will also post the link on my pages as well, for when this post gets buried. I hope that you enjoy. (They will ask you to sign in, just to give me a count of how many visitors I get. You can make up any name you want--your privacy is protected either way. :0)

Home of the Braves


  1. hello - not sure what i'm doing wrong but when i click on your link it says the documents has been made private by the owner but doesnt give me the option to sign in. Really wanted to read it too!

  2. Sorry about that LM. I changed the status to public, so you shouldn't have any problems. Have fun!